Chrome插件英雄榜001《markdown-here》 Markdown一键转换到”富文本格式”

title: Chrome插件英雄榜001《markdown-here》 Markdown一键转换到”富文本格式”

新浪微博,有一个头条文章编辑器的东西,只支持富文本,为了一键把简书的markdown文章,直接转换到头条文章编辑器中,我找到了一款神器 markdown-here!

Article Editor of Sina Weibo, only rich text is supported(like gmail), In order to convert markdown to rich text, I find a very userful tool which name is markdown-here !

markdown-here效果演示 / Use the demo of markdown-here

markdown-here Github开源地址 / markdown-here Github open source link

markdown-here支持个性化定制样式 / markdown-here support for personalized styles

markdown-here不仅对代码高亮支持的非常好, 而且markdown-here提供了不同样式的代码渲染效果供我们选择

Not only the markdown-here is very good for code highlighting, but also markdown-here provides different styles of code rendering for us to choose

markdown-here用途 / What is markdown-here use?

  • 用 Markdown 写邮件,然后转换为富文本
  • Write a message with Markdown and convert to rich text
  • 用 Markdown 编辑微信后台内容
  • Edit WeChat background content with Markdown
  • 在线博客搬家(比如简书 -> 新浪头条)
  • Online blog moving (such as jianshu -> Sina)

有了markdown-here, 面对富文本编辑器, 我们也可以愉快的写markdown ~
With markdown-here, even if we have to face of rich text editors, we can also write markdown happily ~

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写在最后(我需要你的支持) / At the end (I need your support)

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