Chrome插件英雄榜003《Secure Shell App》 Chrome中开启ssh一种什么体验

title: Chrome插件英雄榜003《Secure Shell App》 Chrome中开启ssh一种什么体验

  • 对于拥有自己服务器的人来讲, ssh连接服务器是很常用的操作

  • For people who have their own servers, connection vps by ssh is a very common operation.

  • Linux用户一般通过命令搞定, Windows用户需要下载额外的软件(新版本的Windows10 PowerShell也开始支持ssh了)

  • Linux users generally get through the command, Windows users need to download additional software(The new version of Windows 10 PowerShell also supports ssh.)

  • 而对于Chrome用户, 我们可以使用ssh扩展程序 Secure Shell App

  • For Chrome users, we can use the ssh by the Secure Shell App


  • 插件免费, 安装方便
  • Free and easy to install
  • 软件轻量, 体积不足3M
  • Lightweight, less than 3M
  • chrome官方出品, 持续更新
  • Chrome officially produced, continuously updated
  • 语言支持丰富, 中文无乱码
  • Rich language support

Secure Shell App 登录界面 / Login interface

Secure Shell App 操作界面 / Operation panel


支持窗口多开 / Multiple windows

支持界面自定义 / Panel can by diy

Secure Shell App很早就有了, 早期不支持中文输入, 大家都没把它当回事儿, 最近开始支持中文, 而且google在积极维护它, 就说明Secure Shell App还是有折腾一下的价值的, 另外在浏览器中使用ssh还是蛮酷的!!!

The Secure Shell App has been around for a long time. It didn’t support Chinese input in the early days. Everyone didn’t take it seriously. Recently, it started to support Chinese, and google is actively maintaining it. It shows that the Secure Shell App still has the value of tossing it. Also using ssh in the browser is pretty cool!!!

《Secure Shell App》 下载链接






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