优质内容SEO指导建议, 黑客新闻指南中文版

title: 优质内容SEO指导建议, 黑客新闻指南中文版

最近刷Hacker News 很上瘾,里面没有标题党,内容干货满满,而且官方给出了提交新闻的指导建议。

这些指导建议很棒, 让读者更容易的获得自己感兴趣的话题, 且有利于网站的SEO, 我的文章也会向以下标准看齐;

建议原版为英文, 以下是我用彩云小译机翻的, 还不错~

Hacker News Guidelines 黑客新闻指南

What to Submit 提交什么
On-Topic: Anything that good hackers would find interesting. That includes more than hacking and startups. If you had to reduce it to a sentence, the answer might be: anything that gratifies one's intellectual curiosity.

主题: 任何优秀的黑客会感兴趣的东西。这不仅仅包括黑客和创业公司。如果你不得不把它简化成一句话,答案可能是: 任何能满足一个人求知欲的东西。

Off-Topic: Most stories about politics, or crime, or sports, unless they're evidence of some interesting new phenomenon. Videos of pratfalls or disasters, or cute animal pictures. If they'd cover it on TV news, it's probably off-topic.

离题: 大多数关于政治、犯罪或体育的故事,除非它们是一些有趣的新现象的证据。摔倒或灾难的视频,或者可爱的动物图片。如果他们在电视新闻上报道这件事,那可能就跑题了。

In Submissions


Please don't do things to make titles stand out, like using uppercase or exclamation points, or saying how great an article is. It's implicit in submitting something that you think it's important.


Please submit the original source. If a post reports on something found on another site, submit the latter.


If the title includes the name of the site, please take it out, because the site name will be displayed after the link.


If you submit a video or pdf, please warn us by appending  or [pdf] to the title.

如果您提交了视频或 pdf,请在标题后附加[视频]或[ pdf ]来警告我们。

If the title contains a gratuitous number or number + adjective, we'd appreciate it if you'd crop it. E.g. translate "10 Ways To Do X" to "How To Do X," and "14 Amazing Ys" to "Ys." Exception: when the number is meaningful, e.g. "The 5 Platonic Solids."

如果标题包含一个免费的数字或者数字 + 形容词,如果你能剪掉它,我们将不胜感激。例如,把“10 Ways To Do x”翻译成“ How To Do x”,把“14 Amazing Ys”翻译成“ Ys”例外: 当数字是有意义的,例如“五个柏拉图立体”

Otherwise please use the original title, unless it is misleading or linkbait; don't editorialize.

否则请使用原始标题,除非它是误导性的或者是链接诱饵; 不要编辑。

Please don't post on HN to ask or tell us something. Send it to hn@ycombinator.com.

请不要在 HN 上发帖询问或告诉我们什么,请发送到 HN@ycombinator. com。

Please don't delete and repost. Deletion is for things that shouldn't have been submitted in the first place.


Please don't use HN primarily for promotion. It's ok to post your own stuff occasionally, but the primary use of the site should be for curiosity.

请不要使用 HN 主要是为了促销。偶尔发布自己的东西是可以的,但是这个网站的主要用途应该是出于好奇心。

Don't solicit upvotes, comments, or submissions. Users should vote and comment when they run across something they personally find interesting—not for promotion.


In Comments


Be kind. Don't be snarky. Have curious conversation; don't cross-examine. Please don't fulminate. Please don't sneer, including at the rest of the community.


Comments should get more thoughtful and substantive, not less, as a topic gets more divisive.


When disagreeing, please reply to the argument instead of calling names. "That is idiotic; 1 + 1 is 2, not 3" can be shortened to "1 + 1 is 2, not 3."

如有不同意见,请对论点作出回应,而不要辱骂。“1 + 1是2,不是3”可以缩短为“1 + 1是2,不是3”

Please respond to the strongest plausible interpretation of what someone says, not a weaker one that's easier to criticize. Assume good faith.


Eschew flamebait. Avoid unrelated controversies and generic tangents.


Please don't post shallow dismissals, especially of other people's work. A good critical comment teaches us something.


Please don't use Hacker News for political or ideological battle. It tramples curiosity.


Please don't comment on whether someone read an article. "Did you even read the article? It mentions that" can be shortened to "The article mentions that."


Throwaway accounts are ok for sensitive information, but please don't create accounts routinely. HN is a community—users should have an identity that others can relate to.

一次性账户对于敏感信息是可以的,但是请不要例行地创建账户。HN 是一个社区ーー用户应该拥有一个其他人可以关联的身份。

Please don't use uppercase for emphasis. If you want to emphasize a word or phrase, put *asterisks* around it and it will get italicized.

请不要用大写字母来强调。如果你想强调一个词或短语,在它周围加 * * * ,它就会变得斜体。

Please don't post insinuations about astroturfing, shilling, brigading, foreign agents and the like. It degrades discussion and is usually mistaken. If you're worried about abuse, email hn@ycombinator.com and we'll look at the data.

请不要发布关于人工草皮、先令、强盗、外国代理人等等的影射。它降低了讨论的质量,而且通常是错误的。如果你担心滥用,可以发邮件给 hn@ycombinator. com,我们会查看数据。

Please don't complain that a submission is inappropriate. If a story is spam or off-topic, flag it. Don't feed egregious comments by replying; flag them instead. If you flag, please don't also comment that you did.


Please don't complain about website formatting, back-button breakage, and similar annoyances. They're too common to be interesting. Exception: when the author is present. Then friendly feedback might be helpful.

请不要抱怨网站的格式,后退按钮断裂,以及类似的烦恼。它们太普通了,没什么意思。例外: 当作者在场时。那么友好的反馈可能会有帮助。

Please don't comment about the voting on comments. It never does any good, and it makes boring reading.


Please don't post comments saying that HN is turning into Reddit. It's a semi-noob illusion, as old as the hills.

请不要发表评论说 HN 正在变成 Reddit。这是一个半新手的错觉,就像山一样古老。


我最近打开B站, 公众号, 知乎 , 里面充满技巧性的标题, 几乎全是为了接软广告, 获取点击量, 或许流量经济本身的蛋糕并没有那么大, 远远到不了每个内容创造者都能分一块的程度.

好内容与好用户其实是相互选择的, 如果内容本身以从用户身上榨钱为目的, 那内容本身的品质很难及格.

作为一个经常写博客的人, 垃圾内容看多了, 就容易忘记博客最本质的目的应该是传播思想与知识, 为了追热度博眼球获得点击量, 博客很容易变成新闻评论报道, 带货小广告.

2021年, 如果你依然认同博客是一个长期主义的作品, 可以多看Hacker News, 少刷知乎, 公众号, B站.

Hacker News官网:https://news.ycombinator.com


Hacker News Guidelines : https://news.ycombinator.com/newsguidelines.html